History of RHMP

Raffles Hall Musical Production  is an annual flagship project put together by residents of Raffles Hall, National University of Singapore. A deep-rooted project, the production has brought students of different nationalities, background and academic profile together in the name of Art and Culture for more than 10 years. This production embraces and cultivate a strong spirit of Art among residents of Raffles Hall.

The production strives to be an avenue where residents can develop their artistic talents and to nurture a generation of young Singaporeans with keen interest in art – supporting the growing art scene in Singapore. More importantly, with a diverse pool of residents, it serves to encourage a spirit of togetherness and excellence regardless of race, language and religion.

Always striving for excellence, we have evolved tremendously over the last decade. We started off producing simple productions and adopting established productions (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Today, our production are fully original. Everything from script to music composition and sets are written, designed and produced by our very own residents.  This is indeed an noteworthy achievement that highlights how far we have come throughout the years.

Synopsis of RHMP'15

Viva Lah! Singapura challenges the existence of traditions in the face of modernity and questions the possibility of passions in the pursuit of pragmatism.

Set in a traditional Laksa house, we see a hawker struggle with sky-rocketing events and the passing down of his lifeblood. A girl who dreams of studying in Berklee but moonlights in pubs to feed that ambition. A working adult who has never given up his childhood dreams but lacks the courage to give up his daytime job.

Have a taste of their complaints as they navigate through the dilemmas of the Singaporean life. Sung in a light-hearted and comical note, let loose, and come Lah! to Viva Lah! Singapura!