Even as the final cheers died down and supporters began to settle down at the end of the final event of the event of the IHG season, Athletics, supporters were looking forward to a few more hours of eventfulness. Scores of residents from all 6 halls, particularly those from Kent Ridge hall, had flocked down to the SRC track, decked in their “Halls of NUS” shirts, to witness this momentous occasion: the IHG Closing Ceremony.

Before the announcements of the gold medals and champions, though, the supporters had a treat waiting for them! Performances from KR and KE were set to delight the audience, with a band from KE rocking it out on stage. Their wicked beats thumped through the speakers and had no trouble reaching the audience. The renowned KR steppers also impressed the audience with a series of complex moves and gravity-defying stunts. They certainly left the audience in no doubt as to how their impressive reputation came about!

Following that, the gold medals for the winners of each sport were presented to the respective halls’ teams by all 6 hall masters. Kudos to our Frisbee, Volleyball (M), Handball (M), Squash (F), Badminton (F), and Swimming (M) teams for bringing back the gold medals for Raffles Hall! Of course, the hard work of all our sports teams cannot be discounted, for each of our teams has brought glory to our hall through their dedicated training and their undying effort both on and off court! In a display of the unity of the halls, each hall Master presented the gold medals of a number of sports to the winning teams.

The overall IHG champion was then announced, causing the massive body of KR supporters to jump to their feet in jubilation. Congratulations, Kent Ridge hall! Then came the announcement of an unprecedented award that our Convening committee has decided to introduce this year: the best sportsman and sportswoman award. Each hall had nominated one sportsman and one sportswoman, whom they deemed to have displayed outstanding achievements in their sporting endeavours, to be chosen for this award. From Raffles Hall, Kai Ming was nominated as best sportsman, while Cheng Ling was nominated as best sportswoman. I’m sure everyone agrees that those are very fitting choices. However, neither of them was selected by the panel of judges for the award. Instead, the best sportsman award went to Heng Yang, from EH. Meanwhile, Yi Ning from KE7 had been selected to receive the best sportswoman award. Congratulations to these exemplary sportsmen and sportswomen!

Finally, Master Ho was invited to pass the convening flag to the Master of Sheares Hall, signifying the passing of the responsibility of convening next year’s IHG to Sheares. As the ceremony drew to a close and people rushed to take photographs and celebrate the closing of IHG, the conveners were busy packing up and cleaning the track. Indeed, even as this year’s IHG ended, these unsung heroes were still working hard to ensure that everything was in place. Kudos to the IHG convening committee for all their hard work, much of which was unseen by many of us, this IHG season! They were the true heroes of IHG, and though they received no awards that night, in all our hearts, we will always recognise them as the ones who made IHG possible.

Congratulations to all sportsmen and conveners for a great IHG 2014, with remarkable achievements made this year! May next year’s IHG be just as fruitful, if not even more so, for Raffles!

-Samantha, Phoenix Press AY13/14