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A Hall steeped in 50 years of tradition and history inherited from the Oxford and Cambridge halls of residence, Raffles Hall is nestled in a green valley on Kent Ridge Crescent within easy access of NUS administrative offices @ Yusof Ishak House, Sports and Recreation Centre, Centre for the Arts, University Cultural Centre, the main public bus-stops (95, 96, 151), as well as connected by every shuttle service in NUS.

Building upon the years since our establishment, the renovation plans in year 2009 and 2010 will turn Raffles Hall into the residence with the newest rooms, toilets and other facilities on campus!

There is never a dull moment in Raffles Hall. The Hall offers a host of opportunities to those interested in developing their potential, ranging from various sports to cultural activities such as annual Hall musical, and to the media committees where you can hone your skills in photography, web development and writing talents.

Raffles Hall is also a home for aspiring leaders, with furious races between residents striving for the prestigious leadership positions. Many great leaders have stayed in Raffles Hall, including Professor Tommy Koh and Justice Tan Lee Meng.

Yet, when all is said and done, Raffles is more than a mere Hall of Residence. With a Master and Resident Fellows who truly care, and residents who are always willing to lend a helping hand, Raffles Hall with its spirit of togetherness, offers a home away from home to truly make your university experience complete!

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