Raffles Hall Musical Production 2018

Raffles Hall Musical Production 2018

As we grow we’ll see it
The light that guides our path
We’ll begin to
Tell our stories
Of dreams, hopes, and love…

To Vincent, music was something that always sustained him in a way nothing else in the world ever could. It represented a plethora of things: a dream, a whimsy, but most importantly, an endlessly valuable memory of his late father. However, the age-old conundrum of passion vis-a-vis pragmatics surfaces, and Vincent is torn between following his heart and familial obligations.

Vincent is accompanied by his two best friends, Ivy and Edward. Each of them has a lofty dream - Vincent yearns to be a singer who speaks to his listeners’ hearts through his soulful songs; Ivy wants nothing more than to be a writer that inspires others with her thoughts immortalised in written word; and Edward truly believes in the power of social influencer, feeding the souls of his dedicated fans and followers.

As the three friends grow up and undergo their personal bildungsroman of their life's trajectory, they learn more about themselves, each other, and what is truly important to them in their lives.

Details 10th Feb, 7pm & 11th Feb, 3pm NLB Drama Centre Cat 1: $27 Cat 2: $24 Cat 3: $22