Raffles Hall Musical Production 2018

Raffles Hall Musical Production 2018

Along the busy streets of Kim Seng Road sits 明月堂, a longstanding Chinese restaurant that traces its origins to an eatery in Great World Amusement Park (more affectionately known as 大世界/Tua Seh Gai in its heydays).

Despite its illustrious history and exquisite cuisine, 3rd generation owner Ah Huat is distressed that 明月堂 may not live to witness its diamond jubilee, as keeping the finances of the restaurant afloat with the ever-changing dining preferences of Singaporeans proves to be increasingly challenging by the day.

Adding to his ever-growing list of conundrums are property investor Ms Lin, who wants 明月堂 to make way for new developments, and his estranged relationship with his son David, who blames Ah Huat’s dedication to the restaurant for his mother’s unfortunate passing.

As the inhabitants of 明月堂 rush and scramble to help save the restaurant they call home with the opportune aid of local food blogger Michelle Lin, who knows how things will turn out in the end?

Have a taste of their complaints and struggles as they navigate through the dilemmas of the Singaporean life, seasoned with a light touch of family drama and served with plenty of humour on the side.

Details 20 OCT 2018, 7pm (Saturday) NUS University Cultural Center Early Bird : $26, $24, $20 Standard: $29, $26, $23 To buy tickets please email Fabian @ fabian_hkb@u.nus.edu