Signature Events of RH 60th Anniversary

Signature Events of RH 60th Anniversary

Dear Rafflesians,

The year 2018 marks a very special time for all of us. It marks a significant milestone in the history of Raffles Hall where residents through the years have experienced memorable residential living and learning within the university and the community at large. In 2018, we celebrate our 60th anniversary!

Raffles Hall has been a powerhouse of the University since 1958. Since then, the hall has evolved through progressive developments in residential life and experiential learning, academic and peer mentoring, increased awareness in wellness and support for the residents as well as alumni engagement, all with the objective of cultivating an all-rounded Rafflesian who is a citizen of the world.

While our residents have benefited greatly being part of the Raffles Hall family, we continue to reach out to an increasing number of residents who are in need of financial aid to remain staying in the Hall. We continuosly strive to seek ways to assist these students realise their fullest potential and be the best while living in Raffles Hall during their University life.

Hence, as part of Raffles Hall’s 60th anniversary celebration, we will hold six signature events to mark our extraodrinary journey through the years. Each event will provide opportunities for us to contribute towards our Raffles Hall Alumni Bursary Fund. This endowed fund will provide the Hall with a continuing source of funding to support Rafflesians who are in financial need. With every contribution, donors will be eligible for a tax deduction that is 2.5 times the gift value.

But more importantly, this is an opportunity for all of us to help make a difference and change lives for these Rafflesians. We hope that each Rafflesian will have access to opportunities to help them succeed and develop into confident and responsible individuals long after they graduate and leave Raffles Hall.

The six events are detailed below.

Raffles Hall Fundraising Charity Golf

Good fun for a worthy cause

For more details, please click here for the event page

The fundraising drive will kick-start with the Raffles Hall Charity Golf 2018, and will be held on the 17th May 2018 at the Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) .

Apart from creating the opportunity for Raffles Hall Alumni to gather and meet-up with their friends, seniors and juniors, we aim to raise at least S$250,000 for the Raffles Hall Alumni Bursary Endowed Funds (to confirm the name of bursary). Your donations will allow more deserving undergraduate students to continue staying at Raffles Hall and benefit from purposeful hall learning experiences.

Please join us for a game of good fun for a worthy cause. You may wish to support this initiative as a:

  1. Platinum donor (S$25,000) sub-naming rights for a bursary to be awarded every year, 2 flights for 8 golfers plus 1 additional table for 10 guests for dinner at SICC;
  2. Gold donor (S$6,000) a flight for 4 golfers plus 6 additional seats for guests for dinner at SICC;
  3. Silver donor (S$3,000) a flight for 4 golfers.

If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to support the Bursary, we would greatly appreciate your support too.

Raffles Hall Bursary Award Dinner

Following RH Charity Golf 2015 Fundraising

With the extensive Fundraising Charity Golf event in 2015, which raised approximately $470,000, we will be holding the Bursary Awards ceremony in January 2018. It will be accompanied by the Bursary Award Dinner, signifying the launch of the 60th Anniversary celebrations. Distinguished donors will be invited to give out the named bursaries to the recipients. These bursaries provide the Hall with a perpetual source of funding to support financially disadvantaged Rafflesians. Generations of Rafflesians can benefit from the enriching experiences of a hall campus life.

Raffles Hall Musical Productions 2018

Raffles Hall Musical Productions is an original annual musical production that is planned and scripted by our very own RH residents. There will be 2 musical productions in the year 2018, in February (at Drama Centre) and October. These productions will highlight the ideals of “Home”, “Family” and hall experiences in university, especially when Raffles Hall is the “Home Away from Home” to many residents and Alumnus.

Bukit Timah Homecoming Event

Bukit Timah Campus played a significant role in the rich history of Raffles Hall, starting from 1958, where a significant number of Raffles Hall Alumnus lived in and graduated from. It is an extraordinary event in July 2018 where Rafflesians gathered to celebrate Raffles Hall’s 60th birthday.

Gala Dinner

RH60 celebration closing event

The celebrations do not stop in 2018, and with the academic year (AY) stretching to 2019 for AY1819, there will be a Gala dinner in March/ April 2019 as the final signature event installed. In view that it is the closing ceremony for 60th Anniversary, we hope to raise S$200,000 for the Raffles Hall Alumni Bursary Endowment Funds (to confirm the name of bursary) through this dinner. This will provide them will additional allowance to cover academic expenses aside from the hall fees, for needy Rafflesians.

We hope that you will join us for an evening of reminiscence for a worthy cause. You may wish to support this initiative as a:

  • Diamond donor (S$25,000)
  • Platinum donor (S$10,000)
  • Gold donor (S$5,000)
  • Silver Donor (S$2,500) - (reserved for fresh alumni)

If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to support the Bursary, we would greatly appreciate your support too.

Raffles Hall Book

Illustrating our memories

During the Gala dinner, Raffles Hall Alumnus and residents can bring back the very first-ever produced Raffles Hall Book (name to be confirmed). The book illustrates the memories across the 60 years, and quotes and interviews from distinguished Alumni. The net proceeds will go towards the Raffles Hall Alumni Bursary Endowed Funds.