The Senior Common Room Committee (SCRC) comprises academic or executive and professorial staff who reside together with Rafflesians. The committee is made up of resident fellows (RFs) from each of the five blocks in Raffles and led by the Master of the Hall.

The primary role of the Senior Common Room Committee is to work closely with the Hall Master and various committees to enhance residential life in Raffles Hall. In addition, the Senior Common Room Committee has the additional role of looking after the well-being of Rafflesians, with each resident fellow acting as a guardian of their respective block. They also serve as community builders and care members in the hall.
Hall Master
Assoc Prof Ho Chee Kong
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music
Block 2 Resident Fellow
Asst Prof Kua Harn Wei
School of Design and Environment
Block 3 Resident Fellow
Assoc Prof Ho Han Kiat
Department of Pharmacy
Block 4 Resident Fellow
Assoc Prof Yap Von Bing
Department of Statistics and Applied Probability
Block 5 Resident Fellow
Asst Prof Chian Siau Chen, Darren
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Block 6 Resident Fellow
Dr Rendy Tan Howe Choong
Industry Liaison Office

Block 7 Resident Fellow
Assoc Prof Yu Haoyong
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Block 8 Resident Fellow
Dr Nadya Patel
Centre for English Language Communication